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About ChampFit

Spine bending, chaotic, at times nerve-wracking. Does it sound like your work life right now? Have you ever asked yourself, is tranquillity and chastity possible amidst the chaos? Pondering over, we thought, yes. We are the land of yoga and a million divine energies that are flowing freely into the universe. We aspire to bring about a positive change into the hectic, overloaded lives of the white-collar people, students, veterans, etc. with the help of positive vibes with yoga. We aim to strike a perfect balance of body and mind.

Champ.Fit is a company that genuinely cares about employees and add value to their life by striking the right balance of calm and chaos. We aspire to give them something more promising than financial security, and that is good physical and mental health.

While we understand that employees do have a hectic routine, and they don't have much time to exercise, so we bring yoga to your workplace.

We strongly believe that being pushy and provocative doesn’t work, but when we make the audience understand that yoga can do wonders for your life, then it doesn’t pose to be a challenge anymore. By practicing yoga at the workplace, the audience gets to bond, increase productivity, happiness, and a distressed, DE cluttered mind before you reach home.

Our Ace Trainer,
Pankaj is a Ministry of Ayush certified trainer, practicing for decades.

At the age of just 12 years, Pankaj knew his calling. He started training for yoga in the tranquil Himalayas. With decades of rigorous practice, Panjak completed his 200 hours TTC from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta. He is also a certified trainer from the Government of India, Ministry of Ayush.

He has been teaching yoga in Bangalore for the past five years and has experience with all age groups. His expertise also lies in taking corporate yoga workshops, chair yoga, etc.

He is highly innovative and sensitive to design a practice for an individual as per their specific requirement and body comfort. He also trains online and has a pleasant experience with people with a critical health condition.