We take pride in building immunity of a billion people. Our product range consists of healthy and 100% naturally made supplements and ready to snack healthy eats. We source the best ingredients from the farmers, and support the Make in India movement. Our aim is to inculcate healthy eating habits and lifestyle inspired by immunity and 100% natural products to be stronger than ever and build immunity like never before.


We stand for “Vocal for Local” and Made in India, naturally and locally sourced products made available to the Indian and global markets. We envision to transparently healthy and natural products inspired by the magic of nature to benefit millions of users.Our vision is to have a significant, positive impact on the health and immunity of millions of users.


To continuously nourish, nurture, and improve the life of billions of people with our healthy range of immunity-boosting food, wellness products, and supplements. Dedicated to boosting immunity & health, our high-impact products & services resonate with our health-conscious generation. Our immunity products meet the highest quality standards and superior ingredients. We bring you Direct from Farmer - healthy food that is Great for you & your immunity

Holistic. Wholesome. Hearty. Healthy

We stand on these pillars and aim at creating more & more Champions in the world of fitness by inspiring them. We cater to people of all ages, right from a kid to an adult of any age.

Our mission is to create the healthiest, highest quality and most accessible personal care and household products for YOU.  By using pure and simple ingredients with time-tested manufacturing processes for all of our products, we meet the needs of the future for people and the planet, today.   

Culture, Values, and Principles

Honesty and integritywarmth and generosityfearlessness and persistence are at the core of our Founders’ value system as a family.  We always hold fast to these values no matter the impact on the growth of the business.

Building on these Core Values, we abide by the following principles: 

  • Create only the healthiesthighest quality and most accessible products for human use and consumption using alternative and innovative organic ingredients and processes
  • Manufacture our products using Good Manufacturing Standards or better
  • Package our products using only recycled and recyclable materials, non-toxic inks and adhesives and push the boundaries for innovation in sustainable packaging
  • Reduce waste by reusing packaging we receive from suppliers
  • Provide products that the majority of people can afford
  • Distribute products in local markets and online so that everyone has the opportunity to use them
  • Deliver consistent, prompt, respectful and friendly service to everyone we interact with
  • Cultivate a workplace that is inclusive and where employees are valued, heard and invested in
  • Give back to the world by participating in philanthropic giving of time, talent and treasure
  • Contribute to a secure and sustainable world by abiding by our principles