It is our unwavering commitment to help our Country, live Healthier and Holistic lives!!

And we want to get better at it.

Hence, we have yet again re-defined the frontiers of our Health and Fitness Partnerships, this 2021.

We are proud to unfurl the 'Wisdom of Wellness' through our newest Strategic Collaborations with Gated Community Real Estate Builders and Developers!!

Come, join us in Building Newer,More Vibrant Communities


  • We are a Wilderness-friendly company focused on making natural Lifestyle, Natural Food Choices, Secrets of Conscious Longevity and Sustainability more accessible and deliverable toCity Homes and Hearts!
  • Our Innovative 'Apartment Partner Alliance Program' is set to explore Resident spaces, to cooperatively address Health and Immunity Concerns of our Societytoday and make positive changes about it.


Health is for every Family!

Our deepest wish to harness Nature’s Healing powers, through scientific and 100% natural manufacturing processes, sans the traces of artificial chemicals or harmful additives, led us to re-think and create - Champ.Fit!

TheFirst-in-the-Segment ‘Builder Partnership Program’, we aspire to deliver upon a whole host of Wise Indigenous Supplements, ImmunitySuper foods, and healthy Snacking Options; Plus Personalized Expert-guided Workout and Yoga Sessions, at every Community doorstep. For every Family.

If you have a Ready-to-move-in Gated Community, we would love to collaborate with you, dear Builders!


  • Rev-up your Promotional Pitch, with Champ.Fit’s built-in Guided Fitness Programs for Apartment Clubhouses that you can extend to the Apartment Owners!
  • Customize Champ.Fit’s Offers on its Goodies, as per the gentry of your Resident Community. For example, if it is an ultra-luxury Apartment, then you can upgrade the value of our Goodies Package!
  • Grab the exclusive opportunity to promote your Real Estate Project to the elite ‘Champions Club members’ worldwide via our In-house Newsletter. Zoom your scope of Prospecting, with us!
  • Avail Special Offers on our Yacht Cruise Party and Country Stay at Champions Ranch!!
  • Benefit fromdistinctive Logo Display Space and Brand Mention on and Social Media Campaigns for a stipulated period.
  • Do your bit towards Environmental Stewardship and building Healthy Community Ecosystems that will truly make yours - the Healthiest locale to live in!


  • Free Trial Workout and Yoga Sessions for first 6 Months to 1Family Member of all Apartments.
  • Special Membership Packages to meet every family member’s different Health and Exercise needs. You can also upgrade to a Comprehensive Family Membership Plan, at an additional discount.
  • A minimum of ₹25000 worth Goa or Dubai Cruise Invite Coupon, valid for 6 months will be gifted to each Apartment!
  • Exclusive ‘Horse-riding School’ Invite Coupon worth ₹10,000, valid for 6 months; inclusive of a Day’s Outing at Champion’s Ranch for the entire Family, will be gifted to every Apartment Owner.


  • Top Management of Apartment Builders will receive a ₹2, 00,000 worth Phenomenal Yacht Cruise Party invite
    The Yacht Cruise Celebration includes:
  • Special Welcome with Garlands, Welcome Drinks, Distinct Welcome Display on Yacht Lounge mentioning the Builder’s Name, Food. Fit Hot Snacks, Captain Caps for a memorable Photo Session with the Captain at the helm of the Yacht, Personalized Welcome LED Labels worn by our Yacht crew and more - to make your Yacht Cruise Partyexperience a distinguished unforgettable one!!
  • Promote your Apartments to the Elite ‘Champions Club Network’ via our In-house Newsletter! Enjoy Allocation of 1 lakh Credits of Reach to Decision Makers Worldwide, worth ₹20 lakhs!!

Sign-up for Good Community Health, with our Apartment Partner Alliance Program Now!

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