While Office to Resume Soon, Covid+ Employees Is The Last Thing On Your Mind.

Covid Testing

Ensure 100% Employee Safety with Testing Results in just 15 minutes.

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Employee Safety

How does the Covid-Testing Kit Work?

Works in three simple steps:

Covid-Testing Kit Work

The strip is coated with a combination of antibodies specific to the Sars-CoV-2 antigen. Presence of the antigen (a type of protein) will react with the antibodies on the strip and produce a change of color to confirm the presence of Covid-19. All this is done instantly and results can be seen in 15 minutes.

Rely on Champions Covid-19 Workplace Testing Program

Covid-19 is multiplying every day and creating new mutants, even stronger than the previous variants. An instant workplace testing program will ensure the safety of the employees and will not cause setbacks with regards to organizational performance.

Work From Home May End Soon & Resuming Operations Will Need Instant Safety Protocols

As most of the organizations are considering to resume office operations, the need to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 takes precedence. The employers are busy implementing policies and establishing an open dialogue about how the workplace should change to improve safety. One of the most efficient preventive measures is testing employees before they join the office.

Covid Testing Program

Health.Fit’s Rapid Covid-19
Testing Ensures Results in 15 minutes

Cut-off the hassle of labs and involvement of third parties to get your employees tested. Health comes first with Health. Fit. We offer you a testing service for easy to schedule Onsite Rapid Covid-19 testing for all your employees.

Onsite rapid covid-19 testing is a revolutionary new way to test employees for the presence of strains of the virus. Instead of having to send samples off and wait days for report, onsite testing will enable instant and accurate detection of the infection.

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Covid Testing
Covid Testing
  • Instant results in 15 minutes
  • Antigen Type Testing
  • Test Cassette
  • Throat/Nasal Swab Samples

Rapid Testing Packages

  • 25+
  • 50+
  • 100+


• How accurate are the Rapid Tests?

Tests are 95% accurate according to multiple independent studies, and 99% accurate if paired with nasal swab (we recommend this test option if anyone tests positive for IgM antibodies)

• Is a second person required to do the test?


• Can antibody testing be used to help determine who is "safe" to return to work?

Antibody testing reveals if a patient has been exposed to the virus but does not tell whether an active infection occurred, or whether the antibodies produced are the kind that can prevent another infection.

• Is there an accuracy concern with antibody testing?

Antibody tests can yield a false negative result if the test is conducted too early and antibodies have not yet developed. They can yield a false positive if antibodies to coronaviruses other than COVID-19 are present (e.g., SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV)

• How are antibody tests performed?

The immune system naturally produces proteins, called antibodies, in response to infection. Antibodies recognize and bind to foreign molecules, called antigens, on the surface of pathogens. When an antibody binds to an antigen, it seeks to disable the associated pathogen through direct or indirect mechanisms.

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