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Addressing all your ailments and improving Immunity is the need of the hour. Our research based Subscription boxes and expert createdCovid-Immunity Boxes can take care of you and your family while you sit tight at home.

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We know the first step is the most difficult of all, be it towards life or towards health.To get started towards BUILDING IMMUNITY and ADDRESSING AILMENTS LIKE A CHAMPION, our experts have crafted a very easy to go plan for 7 days for you to get started.

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Healthy Products
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Yes, our products will help you boost your immunity; our products are specially curated with macro and micro nutrients, which will help in immunity building.

We use 100% naturally sourced ingredients. These ingredients are superfoods that help in accelerating immunity and health. We assure absence of harmful chemicals.

Yes our products are gluten and allergy free. They are completely safe to consume, read all the labels for more information.

Yes. All our products have a shelf life, read all the labels before consuming. Most of the products are best before 9-12 months of manufacturing.

No, our products don’t work like a meal replacement in any way. Keep consuming healthy food and a balanced diet.

Do get in touch with our top nutritionist or your medical caregiver.


“I was very worried about the health of my family members, since the pandemic has taken a very bad toll on everyone’s health. This mini 7 day trial pack helped me find the right direction towards health & immunity. Specially the consultation is great."


“There is nothing wrong in trying something new and healthy considering the fact that it is a great choice in today’s scenario. I especially liked their everyday eye-opening immunity and health related videos. The consultation is also very helpful."


“ INR 999 is completely worth; this mini trial kit comes with the right direction towards health. I am diabetic and after getting the expert consultation, I am on the right track, it’s a good package to get started towards holistic health."


“ I am very choosy and picky especially with health advice and products. This this was recommended by a friend, it turned out to be amazing. The package is completely worth it and the expert consultation was of immense help in the scenario of pandemic."


“ Trial Pack was worth the money, the product inside was very good and helpful. Looking forward to more free videos sent everyday on whatsapp."